June 24, 2016

Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials are the statements that an organization has to earn by its hard work and dedication. We satisfy our visitors with the healthy and peaceful environment that is cherished with joy and laughter.


Hello, friends! I had Mystic Rose course at Meditation Foundation on December 2015. Great food, nice people, beautiful place and really transforming morning breathing kriya at 5a.m. 🙂 If you’re looking for body, mind and emotions transformation, it’s “must visit”. Charge was donation!)  by Anna Shobokhova

I wasn’t part of the meditation camp, just turned it when was looking for a room for one night. I got to know the people here, and was invited to join for New Year celebration, which was very kind. My New Year was spontaneous and was great. I also joined for one tantra session later on. The people here are open-minded, open-eyed, and open-hearted. Special thanks go to Nora and Nuri.  by Alexander Svitych

Welcoming every one and it was a great life changing experiance of 21 great days. by Asang Dwar

Meditation Super I Like it.  by Dirman Waruwu

Go to live an exquisit experience with yourself in a nice environment! by Rosa Dias

Amazing and True !!!  by Christopher Millington

Very good environment for deep meditation.  by Swami Dhyan Sandesh

It’s genuine.  by Sarada Govindu

Osho s Biggest Gift in the World….  by Param Natraj Patil

Its a great work for human mind and body..  by Alakhyog Krishan

Just mind blowing..  by Rupesh Verma

Swamiji’s teaching …really heart touching & authentic..  by Yon Gamno

I am deeply thankful to Swamiji, for your real service to mankind
by way of Meditation. The only way to really know purpose
why we have been sent to Earth..  by D.D. Mishra