June 24, 2016


Mystic Rose
Mystic Rose is a 21 day intensive course, being held in our ashram in India regularly during the season starting early November until April (from 2016 throughout the year!)
Check on our homepage and faceboook page for Mystic Rose being conducted by Meditation Foundation throughout the year across India, in Europe, Russia, USA etc.
The course is open to all and no previous meditation experience is necessarily required. The course can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding at times, as it should provide the participant with profound insides
of own mental structures, behavior patterns, emotional pain body and more. By doing transformational work in these areas, Mystic Rose brings great change and joy to peoples lifes.
All participants are being guided at all times by Swami Advait and the team.
All participants follow the 5 precepts and are in noble silence during the course duration.

*** Structure & Program of the Mystic Rose course can be found in the MF Profile Brochure also.

No Mind
No Mind course is a 7 day course.
Mahamrityunjay Kriya
Silent Sitting
Kundalini Meditation
Yoga Nidra

Vipassana course is a 7 or 21day course
During Vipassana, participants sit for a minimum of 8 hours a day in silence. It is also called silent observation.
Here the meditators mainly concentrate on their prana, breath, to focus their mind.
For the entire course time the students will observe noble silence.

Born Again
A special process created to bring back the same innocence and freshness that we had in our childhood. The course is 2 hours a day for 7 days. The first hour is for entering into ones childhood and doing whatever a participant feels like doing, going into a childlike state. Kids are most welcome to join this group meditation to support participants to go deeply into the process. The second hour is for sitting silently in meditation.
Teacher Training Course (Basic Module)
The Basic Module is a 7 Day Teacher Program and minimum requirements are:
one Mystic Rose course of 21 days completed (or similar long course); during the course practices of Mystic Rose will be practiced more intensively with the now experienced students. Including Mahamrityunjay Kriya, Vipassana, Kundalini Meditation, No Mind & Tantra Meditation.

DATE with Yourself
D= Dynamic
A= Awareness
T= Transformation
E= Experience

This is a 7 day course, incl.
Mahamrityunjay Kriya
Silent Sitting
Kundalini Meditation
Sufi Meditation
Mantra Sound Healing
Yoga Nidra
Kundalini Yoga
DATE Explosion*
Tantra – path of love
Detox/ Naturopathy

Participants will observe noble speach during the 7 days, no unnecessary chatter.

Become a MF Meditation Foundation Teacher (CMT)

MF Teacher Training Courses
MF Teacher (Level 1 to 3, 3 to 21 days)
MF YEP in 7 days (Level 1 – 3 days,Level 2 – 5 days,Level 3 – 7 days) Advanced Level Courses available (requirement min. 50h teaching experience)

Participants will observe noble speach during the 7 days, no unnecessary chatter.


Full Moon Meditation


New Moon Meditation