June 24, 2016

About Us

Meditation Foundation is working for several years spreading happiness and joy on many faces. We teach the real art of living. Meditation is what refreshes one’s mind and soul and we are working in the same direction….

Meditation Foundation specializes in teaching active and silent meditation therapies,
offering Yoga & Meditation courses and Teacher Training with totality and integrity.
The Team has taught all over the world (India, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman etc…) and also provided meditation for inmates in prisons in several countries. Head of Meditation Foundation is the Mystic and ParamHans Swami Advaitanand Swaraswati (Swami Advait), who tirelessly spreads techniques of meditation and yoga that have the power to deeply transform the human being and bring fundamental change in consciousness.
Swami Advaitanand Saraswati is working on an ambitious project called Youth Empowerment Project
which focuses on Teacher Training for school teachers and meditation courses for students throughout India and around the globe.
The aim is to spread meditation techniques as a tool to those who are most vulnerable to negative influences in society, a tool to be healthy, aware and successful in life.
All meditation courses in the India ashram are being provided completely free of charge.
The Meditation Center is built on funding and donations. With this spirit we also run most of our offered courses & events in other parts in the world based on donations.
Meditation Foundation welcomes all to join us in meditation and celebration.

This is the place where Osho’s Goa Ashram is based. 6.5 Acres heaven on earth at Arambol beach. Sweet lake which is also known as Parshuram Kund and the famous baniyan Tree are part of it.


Asharam's location

Location : Sweet Lake, Arambol Beach, Goa, India

Contact PersonNurul Tadse

Contact Number  : 08380859095